Wednesday, May 27, 2009

P90X......... Trying to Bring It!!!

Ok, so I haven't blogged lately.... but I have a good excuse! HA! My husband and I have been getting all prepared to start the P90x workout program! This is the beginning of our 2nd week..... let me say... this program is NOT for the faint of heart!! LOL! I am really enjoying it, and really sore too! The program uses muscle confusion, so it works your entire body and right when one set of muscles are sore and fatigued, the next workout you are targeting other muscle groups. Today is Shoulders, Back and Ab Ripper.... whew! I am going to take some pics later today and post. You are suppose to take a pic the 1st day you start, then day 30,60 and 90. We are going to Hawaii in 90 days, so I am really focused at this point! I will also post some recipes later today that we have used from the plan that are really good! Let me know if any of you out there are also on the program! Would love to have some online friends to support each other!

Bringing It!!

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