Friday, May 1, 2009

Sports Mom

Take me out to the ballpark! Well, that is exactly where it seems that I am all the time these days! Zachary is playing T-Ball for the first time and between practice and games, we live at the ballpark! It is soooo much fun though. He is having a blast! He is especially excited because his daddy is coaching his team! I think that is the cutest thing on earth. A bunch of 4 year old little boys on a baseball field! Just had to share a few pics of my little man! I feel so blessed when I am sitting out there watching him play. We went through so much to have such a blessing! It does make me stop and think about all the couples who are struggling with infertility and my heart and prayers truly go out to them. Also, to the couples who are waiting to adopt. My prayer is that they stay strong and keep their faith. God is in control even when we have no hope!

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