Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Palooza!

Summer got off to a fast and fun start this year! It seems like my 4 year old has a busier social calender than I do! Ha! We have really had a fun time so far and we are looking forward to our upcoming vacation to Hawaii! Zach (my 4 year old) has never flown before, so we are a little apprehensive about the long plane ride. I've been gathering things together for him to do on the plane to keep him busy. Any ideas would be welcomed! It seems like you always think there won't be enough to do when school is out.... but then summer gets here and it is non~stop! Wouldn't trade it for the world though!

I love meeting new bloggers and visiting other blog pages so this week I am participating in a Blog Hop! All there is to do is post a favorite pic and put the link! Here is a few of my favorite pictures from this summer of my little man!

A Day of Fun at the Zoo!

A Little T-Ball Fun!

This is Where he Decided to take a Nap!

Such Fun! I love being a mom!

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***Replace this line with your content. This week, on TUESDAY, 7/7/09, the theme is A FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH. Post up one of your favorite photographs and a caption that tells the audience about it. Here is a sample: http://mcklinky.blogspot.com/2009/07/mcklinky-photo-blog-on-tuesday-sample.html Do not change any part of this snippet of code except for this paragraph only.... replace the text that falls between (and includes) the opening and closing asterisks. Be sure to enter your own link to your own blog hop post as soon as the blog hop starts!***

MckLinky Blog Hop

Hope you have a wonderful summer!! Thanks for stopping by!

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